The Problem:

Putting a stock adapter on a CZ Scorpion can be a cumbersome process. It usually requires a rubber mallet to pound the adapter onto the rails, or the awkward insertion of tools and a finger to reach the stock-release button. We wanted to be able to swap stocks of various types quickly and in the field without the use of additional tools. For law enforcement and military a key feature is that ours can be operated with gloved hands.

Our Solution:

The ScorpionAdapt-AR provides a patent-pending push-to-release lever to snap on any AR buffer tube. We think deeply about how these devices will be used, and adding yet another lever that you pull on a firearm… Well, that’s bad! So we designed the system to push-engage or disengage.

Whether you want multiple stock options or the ability to change your stock in the field, these adapters will fit the need. No tools, no mallet and no bloody finger and glove friendly.

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